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My name is Marne Sherman of Ginger Blossoms Jewelry and since I was 10 years old, I have been drawn to the beauty of natural gemstones. My amazement for each gemstone’s unique physical and chemical characteristics led me to obtain a degree in Soil Science from Cal Poly State University and a career in the environmental field. While working I discovered the art of jewelry making with gemstones. I started making gemstone jewelry by wire wrapping with Sterling Silver and bead threading, but soon felt I needed to continue advancing my skill set with a more custom, one-of-a kind style. I wanted to push the boundaries of my art, but at the same time appeal to a wide range of people.  I set the goal to teach myself to become a metal smith and this is where I have landed today. After taking a few metal smith classes and a lot of practice, I felt so inspired to pursue my art that I left my full time career. My gemstone jewelry is simple and elegant appealing to a wide variety of people. I center my metal work around each gemstone, making it the focal point of my designs. I spend numerous hours picking the right gemstones for each design I make.  All my design ideas develop when I see the gemstones and bring them into my studio for the first time. I rarely sketch a design unless I feel I am going to forget my thoughts at the time. The particular gemstone characteristics is what gives me the inspiration for the piece, making it the focal point of my designs. I only work with natural gemstones with no dyes or synthetic materials because I want to stay close to my Geology roots. I use a wide array of colors and  I really love working with Tourmaline because this particular gemstone has such a wide variety of colors and unique physical properties. I also really enjoy working with irregular shapes because it makes the piece both challenging for me and interesting to my customers. When I am not in my studio working I feel antsy and bored, which is how I knew that this was my true inspiration and calling in life. When I sold my first piece of jewelry I was so excited I could barely contain myself. Also, seeing the joy on my customer’s faces with every purchase is the highlight of my art. 

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