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10 Elegant Ways to Style Gemstone Necklaces

If you have been contemplating purchasing gemstone necklaces but have no idea how to style them elegantly, you have come to the right place. You might also be having gemstone necklaces, but can't seem to find outfits that go with them. Here are tips to style your gemstone necklaces:

1. Use intriguing pieces to bring out your personality

Intriguing gemstone necklaces are conversation starters. Finding the right piece allows you to express your personality through your accessory. Consider using unexpected colour to ensure you are in the spotlight. Chunky pieces work well in interesting settings, ensuring you stand out in the crowd. For a toned down outfit, chunky necklaces are a fabulous look achiever.

2. Work it with pearls

Gemstone tends to pop amid pearls due to their contrasting beauty. To achieve a fabulous spring look, layering pearls and a gemstone pendant makes the gemstone look fresher and lighter. This fantastic combination is best achieved with a short pearl necklace paired with a longer gemstone pendant necklace. This is a warm weather ensemble accentuator that also works well in the dead of winter.

3. Using color to come up with a themed outfit

Color psychology is a powerful force, and you can use it to take charge of your day. Playing around with colors allows you to determine the kind of the day you'll have from the onset. Red gemstone necklaces, for instance, is associated with power and confidence. As a woman in the corporate world, you can use a bold red gemstone necklace to take charge in a meeting. Also, consider green gemstones on days when you are feeling down and weary to add a new spring to your step.

4. Vintage look

Vintage can never go out of style especially when you add a touch of modernity to it. You can use a gemstone necklace to accentuate a vintage-inspired outfit. Gemstone allows you to achieve a fabulous flapper style. Such a combination is especially suited for a theme party as you are bound to stand out. The good thing about vintage look is that they are unique and can hardly be duplicated.

5. Delicate look

On some days, you'll need to achieve a delicate look and gemstone has got your back. A touch of color and sparkle go a long way in making a simple look appear delicate and pretty. Gemstone necklaces are effortlessly elegant and using oval-shaped stones on a small pendant necklace is all you need to achieve the subtle pop you desire.

6. Bold and chunky

Taking a look from just okay to jaw-dropping requires knowledge of how to pair outfits with accessories. Big pieces of statement jewelry do you good when you are looking for an edgy look. Gemstone necklaces come in bold colors and fun designs that are hard to beat.

7. A classic everyday look

As a busy woman with a progressive career, you'll need a classic look that you can pull off on days when you are too preoccupied to match accessories with outfits. Finding a necklace that encapsulates your personality can be quite challenging. Ensure you go for a small gemstone necklace that can maintain continuity across your wardrobe.

8. Versatile look

With gemstone, it is possible to achieve a look that goes well with different professional settings. Choose from a wide collection of diamond, sapphire and amethyst necklaces, just to mention a few.

9. Timeless beauty

Nobody can turn down a piece of jewelry that exudes timeless beauty. Such pieces brighten up your look, allowing you to achieve a chic and stylish look. Having a gemstone buying guide allows you to explore variety in different collections. Matching outfits with unique gemstones add fun and beauty to your fashion life.

10. Elegance

Above all, gemstone necklaces help you achieve elegance. These are effortlessly pieces that ensure you achieve a hard to replicate look. You can play around with different gemstone shapes to make your smile brighter.

Adorning the right piece of gemstone necklace accentuates your looks. You can bring out your personality in a funk yet professional manner. This fantastic family of accessories is bound to add class to your outfits and sparkle to your day. If you would like to know more about styling your jewelry, contact us. We will be glad to help.

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