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You Wear It Well: The Smart Business Woman's Successful Wardrobe

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Every workday, it's the common conundrum: roll out of bed, brush your teeth, shower, do your hair, put on your makeup, scarf down a quick breakfast and then it happens...What am I going to wear to work today? When your early jobs allowed jeans, T-shirts and sneakers in the office, or required a corporate-supplied uniform, the choices were easy. But as you move from jobs to a career, clothing options moved from casual to upscale and from cheap to investment-worthy. Clothes define who you are and who you want to be at your company; wardrobe decisions define how serious you are about accepting and managing new challenges and responsibilities. Dressing for success influences how corporate executives perceive your ability to think creatively and increase company profits.

Beyond average and acceptable: six ways a successful wardrobe makes you amazing

Dress for the job you want and the respect you expect You're a junior executive or a new administrative assistant now, but you won't always be in this position. Dress one position up from where you are, to let your bosses and colleagues know you're serious about the next stage of your career. And while no one should be judged based on their clothing choices, it happens. The level of respect you get depends on the impression you make. Your wardrobe quietly but firmly insists on respectful attention. It doesn't mask your gender, but doesn't flaunt it as a means to get what you want.

Dress to inspire self-confidence Your home needs a full-length mirror, with three panels if possible, so you look at yourself from all angles. Before you leave, you should look and feel amazing and beautiful and ready to take on anything. Even if you work in a very conservative environment, your personality warms your mostly neutral-toned wardrobe with pops of color from scarves, handbags, shoes and jewelry.

Dress to express individuality and originality without outrage The job that pays your bills is probably not the place to use your wardrobe as a political or personal billboard. Participate in the causes that move you outside work, and buy wardrobe accessories that spotlight your personality; shop small boutiques, thrift stores and online sites for one-of-a-kind items no one else is wearing. Buy accessories when you travel, too; it's a useful and wearable souvenir of your trip.

Dress with an eye towards a classic and classy edge, not edgy and easily outdated Invest in basic pieces that you'll wear for years: a suit, knee-length skirts and slacks in neutral colors of black, brown, gray and navy, to pair with shirts, sweaters and blouses in white, pastels or bright colors. Pumps in neutral colors, and flats or loafers to give your feet a break. Stockings for colder days (they should be sheer or the colors should match your outfit). Ankle, mid-calf or knee boots for snowy days that aren't fuzzy, furry or otherwise resembling the ones you wear for a late-night run to the grocery store.

Dress yourself the night before You mom used to lay out your clothes the night before you went to school; keep up that habit and take out tomorrow's wardrobe choices tonight. You're not rushed the next day trying to decide what to wear or finding a substitute if something is torn, stained or doesn't fit.

Dress with an eye towards details Open-toe shoes are very professional, but when non-pedicured digits poke through the peep-toe, it's a definite distraction from the overall look. Same with open-back strappy shoes flaunting your dry, cracked heels. Fine rings jewelry worn on rough, non-manicured hands with bitten nails? Pricey leather belt put on in the dark, resulting in a missed loop or two? Just-the-right-color blazer that's so tight it won't close? It's one thing to own the right wardrobe pieces, but it's another to pair them with the details that make wearing them look right on you. Ginger Blossoms Jewelry combines individual craftsmanship with the elegant styling of past generations and the beauty of old and new metals, precious stones and inspired modern design. Each piece is singular in its composition and every one commands attention. Paired with the most expensive business suit or most casual Friday jeans and top, Ginger Blossoms generates compliments and conversation. Contact Marne for more information about her creations, and start your collection today

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