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4 Tips for Curating a Jewelry Collection That Complements Your Professional Wardrobe

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

The right piece of jewelry has the power to transform your entire look. In corporate settings, pairing jewelry items with blazers, pant suits, and dresses is a great way to increase your wardrobe options and give you a polished look that makes others take notice and pay attention. Use these tips to create a personal collection of jewelry pieces that enhance your professional persona.

Build Up Your Basics

Start by building a base of basic, neutral pieces. Plain, understated pieces are a lifesaver when the time is running short. They are also an excellent complement to build a more substantial look around flashier pieces. These are some of the basics every woman should have for her professional wardrobe.

Silver and gold bangles.Single-strand pearl necklaces in several lengths.Buds and hoop-style earrings in a size that complements your face shape.An assortment of plain metal rings.

Use these items to flesh out your look when you need a little extra confidence. They are also great with outfits that feature bold colors and patterns.

Be Picky with Pearls

A classic string of pearls is the ultimate accessory for every occasion. Wearing the right length lends your outfit an air of strength and femininity. Use these tips to ensure you're getting the right necklace for your everyday style.

Pearl collars measure 16 inches or less. These choker-type accessories look great when paired with a sleeveless blouse or underneath a dark-colored blazer.Princess-length pearl necklaces come in 18-inch lengths and hit right below the collar bone. These petite strings look elegant with silk and other shiny fabrics. They make a pretty spring accessory when the weather calls for softer colors and pastels.Matinee, opera, and rope-length pearl necklaces measure between 20 and 30 inches. These pieces work best for those who aren't afraid to experiment with layering styles. Try knotting longer lengths for a simulated necktie effect over solid-colored sheath dresses for an elegantly professional feel.

Of course, no jewelry collection is complete without a set of pearl earrings. Choose the size that accentuates the unique curvature of your jawline.

Stock Up on Signature Pieces

Your jewelry is a direct expression of how you feel about yourself. Pull inspiration from your personality to create a collection of bold and bright necklaces, bracelets, rings, and watches that let everyone in the room know that you mean business. Try to incorporate these criteria into your selection process for the best effect.

Invest in a mixture of materials. Shiny metals, polished woods, and delicate wire creations in bright colors and patterns allow you to change up your look to match your daily mood.Think before you buy. What can you wear this piece with? If you can't create an outfit from the clothing items you already own, consider postponing the purchase until later. Concentrate on accessories you wear every day. Rings and watches are the most common daily-wear jewelry pieces. Spend time researching and exploring available options to ensure you choose a piece that represents you well.Avoid bulky items with lots of charms or heavy hanging components. These can cause an unintentional ruckus in corporate settings. If you absolutely have to have chunky metal accessories, opt for choker-style necklaces or earrings over bracelets.

Ideally, you should have at least one signature piece for every day of the week.

Don't Discount Pretty Stones

Diamonds are a classic stone that looks great with any outfit. Many professional women, however, think they have to shy away from brightly-colored gemstones. While the wrong application can make your accessories look juvenile and clownish, when incorporated correctly, colored gemstones are an eye-catchingly elegant addition to your professional wardrobe.

Pair monotone suits with chunky metal rings with large center stones. Match the colors of your clothes, shoes, and gemstone for a simple yet pulled together look.Pendant necklaces are a foolproof way to add gemstones to your routine. Toss them over collared tops to add a little sparkle to dark colors.Limit yourself to one type or color of stone for each outfit to avoid a cluttered and unkempt effect.

Find fun and fabulous handmade jewelry to complement your corporate, casual, and evening looks at Ginger Blossoms Jewelry. Contact us for more ideas on how to incorporate our items into your professional wardrobe.

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