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10 Jewelry Classics Every Woman Needs

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

What defines a wardrobe classic?

It's an item that's timeless, not easily dated; sophisticated and elegant, not stodgy or too edgy; and it goes perfectly with almost everything else in your closet, as if the entire outfit was assembled together, rather than posing on a pedestal, calling all the attention to itself.

You have shoes, handbags, skirts, slacks, shirts and scarves that define your look, work and play well together and that you count on every day as wisely-chosen apparel options. Jewelry isn't an afterthought; it's part of your overall appearance and you choose it with the same care and attention. Classic jewelry is the equivalent of the black cocktail dress, the go-everywhere ballet flats and oversize white shirt: regardless of your age, job and lifestyle, these are the gems of any collection.

From blank canvas to appropriately bedecked: 10 pieces to sparkle, shine and show


Cultivated for thousands of years, pearls never go out of style. Whether it's a choker, collar bone-length strand or earrings with pearl accents, pearls show sophistication without ever showing any signs of age, no matter how old they really are. If your pearls are a family heirloom, wear them proudly as is (have them cleaned and the catch and string checked by a professional jeweler), or use the pearls to create a new design.

A bold statement cuff, earrings or necklace

Mix gemstone colors and cuts or several strings of different stones in a single piece and wear it proudly, as an expression of personal identity. The stones, large or small, just bought or collected from old pieces, form a creation no one else owns or wears the way you do.

Diamond pendant or stud earrings

Just like pearls, the stylish gift of diamonds never ends. The cool, understated elegance of diamonds speaks well of your jewelry choice: you appreciate fine things, but never allow them to speak for you.

Vintage jewelry

Don't confuse vintage or antique with old; fine antique or vintage jewelry, whether real or costume, is a classic that pairs with a business suit or jeans. Old jewelry looks its age; it's dated, tired and announces the time of its creation, overpowering everything else you wear. But good vintage and antique jewelry design knows neither season nor era, becoming more beautiful with time.

A long chain necklace

Worn as a single loop or doubled up, the chain necklace is a jewelry box workhorse. Wear it on its own or add charms as a pendant necklace. The length elongates the neck for an elegant look, and moves easily from office to night-out wear.

A wristwatch

Watches are losing face in the digital age because of smartphone use. But a thin, elegant watch serves as both timepiece and tasteful addition to your jewelry collection, while a heavier, men's-styled watch with larger links is a statement piece similar to a cuff or bracelet; it draws attention when noticed, yet nonchalantly serves as a reminder of the time and day, reminding those around you that you don't waste either one. A watch is the addition that completes your outfit.

Hoop earrings

Slender and plain silver, rose, gold or discreetly gemstoned, small hoop earrings are a classic addition to a jewelry collection. Size matters in the workplace; the door knockers dragging down your earlobes are inappropriate, but a hoop of two to three inches past the earlobe is acceptable.

Stackable rings

Worn together or separately, stackable rings offer options when purchased in different metals and complemented with a variety of gemstones. They present a bold, artistic look worn together, and a slimming, elegant effect to your hands when worn individually.

The modern charm bracelet

Our mothers and grandmothers wore the clunky gold bracelets, crowded with hearts, houses, coins and other symbolic charms. The modern version is easier to wear: slimmer and lighter, the charms more delicate but just as meaningful and unique to each wearer.

Chandelier earrings

Whether a single length of silver or mixed metals and stones, long, lightweight earrings are a comfortable accessory that highlights your face as they capture light and highlight your outfit. Their shape also elongates and slenderizes your face.

Ginger Blossoms Jewelry combines timeless design with classic and modern gemstones and metals for jewelry you'll wear every day. Brilliant colors, and innovative styling are the hallmarks of every unique piece. Please visit our online store for more information and learn about our custom orders.


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