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4 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Gemstone for Your Budget

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

The use of gemstones can be traced back for thousands of years. Different cultures throughout history held them in high regard; usually signifying royalty. While their popularity today is down to their beauty, the belief that certain stones give off energy that fills the energetic 'gaps' we have, is one of the other reasons people purchase gemstones.Whether you are looking to fill an energetic 'gap', or are looking for a statement piece to go with your outfit, the wide range of gemstones guarantees you something to fit what you are looking for. However, due to the perpetual high demand for gemstones, the cost of gemstone jewelry has been getting higher with some valued at more than $2,000. Do not let that deter you. You can still find the right gemstone for you without straining your budget. How? Here are a few guidelines to consider when choosing the perfect gem.

1. What is the gem's quality Gemstones are classed in two major categories; Precious and Semi-precious. If you have a more limited budget, consider getting semi-precious gems like turquoise, amethyst, or citrine. They will not be particularly large, but will still be colorful and attractive. The more natural the gem is, the higher the cost. It is therefore recommended to ask if a gemstone has been heat treated or dyed. Gemstones such as amethyst are subjected to heat to enhance color while turquoise is dyed. If your budget is limited but you have your heart set on precious gems, consider rubies or sapphires in smaller sizes. These can usually be found for less than $500.00.

2. Consider the gem's durability To help with this, consider how you plan to wear the gemstone. A pendant is not subjected to a lot of wear and tear. A bracelet though comes into contact with various surfaces. Some of which might damage the gemstone. The gem's Mohs hardness rating will come in handy. The Mohs scale of hardness was developed in 1812 by Friedrich Mohs as a way to categorize minerals. The harder it is, the better the wearability. For a ring or bracelet, the recommended Mohs hardness rating is usually seven or higher.

3. Purpose If your main reason for buying gemstones is to get rid of some troubles in life or fix those energy 'gaps', you can match the gem according to your zodiac sign. Talk to astrologers to decide the gem you need to improve certain aspects of your life. Gemstones have also been known to have powers that help in different aspects especially in the body. Try different types to best decide which soothe your persona and serve your purpose.

4. Consider your fashion style A gemstone matched with the right outfit can make a huge difference to your whole ensemble. Consider the occasion. You don't want dangling wrist jewelry for work when typing on a keyboard. The right earrings can be used to highlight your face. Match them with the shape of your face. Drop earrings work with heart-shaped faces while studs usually go with oval faces. Don't just have your outfit in mind; consider your skin tone as well. Red, purple or blue go well with cooler skin tones while yellow, orange or green gemstones pair well with warmer skin tones. Pay attention to color. Try mixing warm jewelry with cool colors and vice versa.Understandably, the high cost of quality gemstones can be a limiting factor to potential buyers. This does not mean you cannot acquire a gem that will meet all you are looking for. Looking for a precious or semi-precious gem? Is it for a spiritual benefit or are you looking for that statement piece that will make your wardrobe standout? Contact the jewelry masters at Marne Sherman-Ginger Blossoms Jewelry for exquisite gemstone pieces.

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