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A Guide to Wearing Jewelry at Work

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Office dress codes have changed fairly dramatically over the past few decades, and you're probably not expected to wear wool suits or silk blouses with heels every day. However, many women still need to wear a professional wardrobe to work. Even in more casual office environments, you should be aware of the image you're projecting with your clothing and jewelry choices. The right jewelry can enhance your professional appearance and allow you to express your own style at the same time. But like other aspects of the professional wardrobe, jewelry for the office should follow a few basic guidelines.

1. Enhance your work wardrobe

The best jewelry to wear to work is subtle and fits in with your professional outfits, whether the office requires more formal dress such as suits or has a more casual dress code. That said, having some signature pieces that you love can help you break up the monotony of your daily office "uniform". An appropriate piece of jewelry can elevate a simple outfit and give you a boost of confidence. Think about how a standard black dress would look with a gorgeous pendant necklace or a sleek cuff bracelet.

2. Don't distract

Jewelry should be on the smaller side, without large dangling pieces or anything that might make noise (no bangle bracelets, please). Too much sparkle can be distracting to coworkers, and pendant necklaces should be worn so they're not drawing unwanted attention to your cleavage. Small stud earrings, simple silver bracelets, and delicate necklaces are much more appropriate than chunky bead necklaces or big hoop earrings. If you're worried about whether you're wearing too much jewelry, try removing one piece before you leave home.

3. Consider your routine tasks

In addition to your appearance, your jewelry needs to be matched to the physical tasks you do every day at work. Do you spend a lot of your workday on the phone? Large earrings might become uncomfortable and could interfere with headsets or earphones. They might also bang against the phone and cause distractions. Similarly, if you do a lot of typing, bulky bracelets could get in the way and lead to discomfort in your wrists. Wearing the wrong jewelry around any kind of machinery, even basic office machines, could be a safety hazard.

4. Avoid sending the wrong message

No matter how casual your office is, there are some jewelry items you should always avoid. Stay away from any piece with text or cheeky symbols - the workplace isn't the right setting to sport your skull-and-crossbones earrings, "DIVA" necklace, or emoji charm bracelet. When in doubt, save those pieces for the weekend. Religious jewelry can be a touchy subject, but in general you have the right to wear religious jewelry unless it poses a safety hazard.

5. Invest in timeless pieces

You want to project a professional image with your office jewelry. While you don't have to break the bank, you may want to consider investing in high-quality pieces rather than cheap ones. A few good pieces that will last (and won't immediately go out of style) are definitely worth more than a huge collection of low-quality, trendy items. One-of-a-kind pieces found on marketplaces like Etsy can set you apart from the crowd while still looking professional.,

It's definitely possible to keep your office jewelry tasteful and minimal while still showing a bit of personal style. Ginger Blossoms Jewelry offers a variety of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets combining unique designs with beautiful stones. These pieces are the perfect accompaniment to a professional wardrobe in any environment - contact us today for more information about our jewelry collections.

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