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Style and Inspire with These 6 Pieces of Jewelry Every Woman Should Have

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Building a personal jewelry collection that inspires and excites with rich versatility and daring chic is easier than you think! Ginger Blossoms Jewelry has you covered. Get started with these 6 Pieces of Jewelry Every Woman Should Have.

The Girl with the Pearl Earring

Accessories are like classical artwork meant to compliment your natural beauty. Timeless pieces like delicate diamond studs and pearl earrings never go out style. Pair with accents of rose gold and bronze for a modern take on old Hollywood glam.

Don't be afraid to blend designs! A traditional canvas is perfect for unleashing your inner creative diva. White baroque pearls add a hint of steampunk aesthetic to a classic look without appearing overdone or themed.

Pairing studs and small, delicate earrings with hoops can enhance street style flair. Pick a focal point and play around this aesthetic with different looks, shapes, and designs.

Make A Statement

Every girl's wardrobe deserves to a statement necklace. This is the chunky, bright, attention-getter that takes you from office life to nightlife. These pieces work well with almost any outfit, but pair best with solid colors and high necklines or plunging v-necks for an evening ensemble. Think of this necklace as the bestfriend to your little black dress.

Take this look to the next level by creating boho chic with long, layered necklaces. Layered chains, tassel necklaces, and precious gemstones are great for framing a statement necklace and achieving a daring fashion vision. Explore colorful stones to find your personal jewelry inspiration!

Off The Cuff

The sister of the statement necklace, bangles and cuff bracelets are a must. Layer bracelets for a hippie wanderer aesthetic or wear just one for asymmetrical simplicity. Bronze tones give jewelry an industrial vibe that's on trend. If you prefer a more delicate design, go with a light silver or a rose gold in a smaller band. Beaded jewelry and gemstone details can further enhance a timeless piece.

Modern Professional

A career ready closet need not be boring! Embrace your personality with edgy styles that blend well for all occasions. Focusing on one accessory per outfit can keep your look from appearing overdone or too experimental for the office. Capture your uniqueness with shine and texture. A simple crystal necklace brings a bit of pixie dust to any outfit, while a variety of pendant shapes and colors adds visual intrigue.

Got gauges? Pull your hair into a messy bun and flaunt your ears! One approach for the modern professional is to treat gauges like any other earring. Have a few solid colored pairs that mimic the shape and aesthetic of stud earrings. When paired with a simple, clean blazer or blouse, your gauges can take an outfit from boring to boss.

Put a Ring On It

Stackable rings are the latest fashion statement that you need in your jewelry collection. Experiment with different colored stones on each ring. For added flair, try an asymmetrical look! Stacking rings on one hand is a great way to achieve an intentional focus point for your accessories. If you'd rather

The Power of Pendants

Pendants are among the world's most ancient jewelry designs. It's no accident that this classic look has graced the likes of queens, goddesses, and powerful women for centuries. Antique Gothic pendants are a must for any collection. Talisman style stones can be worn with muted colors to bring out a forest inspired beauty.

Mix it up by complimenting pendants with beaded lampwork chains for an artisan jewelry focus that's sure to dazzle.

Looking for more great inspirations? Contact Marne to find your jewelry focus and let us know your go-to style staples!

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