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The Deeper Meaning Behind Your Jewelry

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

The jewelry you choose to wear goes deeper than aesthetics. Yes, opal is beautiful, but what about the stone that makes you so enamored? Moonstone is a gorgeous gem, but it's not simply the sparkle that attracts you. In reality, the gemstones to which you are drawn can offer insight into different aspects of your personality and who you are. Let's dive a little deeper into what your favorite gemstones are saying about you.


There is hardly a stone more stunning and diverse than the opal. It can be found in a rainbow of colors to suit everyone's hue fancy. While the metaphysical properties differ with each type of opal, there are some qualities that hold true no matter the variety.

Opals are tools to center the mind; they can focus one's thoughts and energies and help put an end to a racing or brooding mind. If you are prone to distraction, stress, and whirling thoughts, you may find that opal suits you well.

This stone is also associated with motherhood. It can offer emotional support to a mother during pregnancy and the early years of a new child's life, as well as to mothers experiencing "empty-nest" syndrome. It is also thought to aid in conception, perhaps due to its seductive qualities. Mothers and mothers-to-be, opal might speak to you.


This is the stone of lunar energy, of "Mother Moon." Its name comes from its milky luster, which is moon-like in appearance. This stone is a brilliant one for women; it is held in particularly high regard in India as the stone of the feminine spirit. If you're drawn to this stone, perhaps you feel strongly connected to your inner goddess.

Moonstone is especially good at healing one's inner energy. It helps to calm a high-wired spirit and bring peace to the soul. It can help you learn how to love yourself and soothe your soul. If moonstone calls to you, it could be that your inner self needs to find a little extra peace.


A soft stone formed from a grain of sand, pearl is the delicate, aquatic sister to moonstone. Pearl, like moonstone, has lunar associations. Pearls are the subject of many ancient legends: a Japanese legend tells them to be the tears of mermaids and a Persian myth explains how they formed after a storm at the juncture of a rainbow and the earth.

Because of pearl's association with the moon, it is said to encourage flow and change. Just as the moon cycles through phases, pearl can help regulate the body's internal rhythms and hormone cycles. It can also help one to move through stagnant periods of life with grace and ease. If pearl is a favorite of yours, you might notice an urge to unstick yourself from environments and situations that aren't serving you.


Quartz is a piece of glimmering energy. In Ancient Greece, quartz was known as "crystalos," meaning "permanent ice." A perfectly clear, sharp-edged gem in its natural state appears to be ice that never melts.

Quartz is highly praised for its connection to the spiritual world. It is said to help open the channels of communication between the physical and the metaphysical realms. It can be used to create a path to spiritual harmony with one's higher powers- whatever they may be. If you are seeking enhancement of your spiritual side, you might find that quartz attracts you.

It is also a highly programmable stone, so whatever energy it comes in contact with is the energy it brings into the room. Think happy thoughts when wearing a quartz stone and you will be rewarded with good vibes.


This powerful stone has its roots in Sicily along the Achetes River. It spread to the rest of the world quickly, thanks to its beauty and strong energy.

If you are feeling harried or overworked, you might find that agate calls to you. Agate is wonderful for providing balance, stability, and strength. It provides yin and yang energies which can help you to find the right blend of work and leisure. Agate will help you feel like you are standing on solid ground.

Agate can also help heal physical properties, especially ailments of the digestive system. If your stomach has been upset lately or you have a more chronic digestive condition, you might find yourself pulled to this stone.

Perhaps one of these stones is speaking to you. Perhaps more than one. All of these can be found at my online jewelry shop, Ginger Blossoms Jewelry. Come pick out the precious and semi-precious gemstone jewelry that is calling to you- for reasons aesthetic or otherwise.

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